Mer Multi Surface Interior Cleaner

Price: £9.99

Contact: 01920 465 041

Autocar says: 2 stars

Quantity: 500ml

The Mer is really quick and easy to apply. You don’t have to wait for the cleaner to penetrate the stains, and there’s no need for a brush to agitate it; the instructions suggest to simply spray on and wipe off. This no-hassle application worked amazingly well on both our ink and jam tests, and even the old watermarks on the Jeep’s headlining simply fizzed away. However, it took five attempts to get rid of chocolate, and three to make an impression on the oily residue on the carpets, so it’s fair to say that any greasier substance can be a chore with the Mer. However, the fact it can be used on most hard surfaces is a real bonus.

McLaren 02 Fabric Cleaner

Price: £8.05

Contact: 01206 855 232

Autocar says: 2 stars

Quantity: 500ml

McLaren’s 02 is perfectly effective, but others in this test are cheaper and can be used on a wider variety of materials, since McLaren doesn’t specifically outline what surfaces it is compatible with. Its overall stain removal was seriously good, though; only the tough melted chocolate stain needed a second treatment for full removal, while all the rest were magicked away with relative ease. The straightforward spray on, agitate and wipe application is no problem, but both the spray and stream settings delivered a similar jet of liquid, so a better nozzle would be an improvement, too.


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