Despite its uses, the app was a little challenging to connect to the bike. You have to have the bike plugged into charge or pedal it forwards in order for it to connect which can be awkward. 

On the road the Cooper CG-7E rides very well, soaking up the bumps and ruts with confidence. Sure enough, when presented with a big enough pothole you certainly feel it, but on both rural lanes and urban backroads the Cooper performed admirably.

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Ride position is relatively comfortable although in our experience we did find ourselves leaning over the handlebars somewhat. 

At all speeds the Cooper handles competently, being both nippy and agile in built up areas, but also smooth and reassuring on more leisurely routes. 

The Juin Tech Hybrid brakes are a solid addition to the Cooper, providing a good amount of stopping power in all environments. 

Despite its positive handling and ride, we found the Cooper’s Microshift seven-speed gearing to be too clunky and traditional. The thumb shifter was easy to operate, but in some scenarios the gearing lacked fluidity and took its time to mesh with the next cog. 

Although less intuitive than other e-bike previously tested, the gears were reliable, as was the bike itself which offers a decent level of build quality. 

Where can I buy it?You can buy it directly from Cooper Bikes

How does it arrive?The Cooper arrives in a custom box with the wheel pre-assembled. Buyer’s only need to attach the front wheel and seat. 

VerdictThe Cooper CG-7E is a well mannered electric bike that encompasses the Mini Cooper philosophy through its combination of a lightweight frame design and uncomplicated and yet innovative all-in-in one hub motor and battery. Notwithstanding the quibbles with the gearing set-up and app connectivity, the CG-7E is a refined and trendy electric bike that can be enjoyed in both commuting and leisure settings. 

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