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Crypto && Coffee 130

Technology Recap:


  • Peter Todd announced a patch on top of Bitcoin Core v24.0.1 that sets a full RBF service bit when it advertises its network address to other nodes. This RBF (Replace-by-Fee) service bit only works if the node its advertising too is also enabled with mempoolfullrbf.

  • Jack Dorsey is apparently working on integrating a Lightning option on Square terminals.


  • Tim Beiko shares a recap of the first ACD(E) of 2023. ACD(E) is AllCoreDevs Execution Layer call. The discussion covered the Shanghai scope, EOF, and focus on potential new EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Proposals).

  • Erigon developer, Giulio Rebuffo, dives into the Engine API and various thoughts around the consensus layer.

  • Terence Tsao, developer for Prysm/Arbitrum, shares the plans for Devnet 4 with focus on EIP-4844 for execution clients and consensus layer.

  • The Ethereum Foundation is summoning participants to take part in the KZG Ceremony which is a new cryptographic scheme that needs a trusted setup to initiate EIP-4844 (Proto-Danksharding).

  • Developers are voicing concerns around the dependency of bootnodes within both execution and consensus layer clients and the reliance on third-party cloud services.

Other Chains:

  • zkSync walks through the benefits of EVM compatibility on zkSync v2.0.

  • Loopring publishes their Quarterly Update for Q4 of 2022.

  • Holograph is now live on Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche mainnets!

  • Paxos shares their thoughts on BUSD and wrapped versions.

  • Seun Lanlege introduces ICS-15, an Ethereum beacon chain light client specification for IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) which is used within Cosmos.

  • Juno Network is upgrading to V12, bringing new features in its largest update since its inception. The upgrade will include the Interchain Account Host + Controller, Wasm v0.30, IBC v4 and more!

  • DeltaPrime launches a new native under-collateralized borrowing protocol on Avalanche.

  • StarkWare shares that Cairo v1.0 is here! This marks a major milestone in the evolution of Cairo, which was first introduced in 2020 as a Turing-complete programming language for efficiently writing STARK-provable programs.

  • Ondo Finance announces tokenized US Treasuries and Bonds.

  • Timeless Finance announces the launch of their token, Liquidity Incentive Token (LIT). LIT incentivizes liquidity more efficiently by giving gauge rewards to Uniswap V3 positions.

  • Saga announces collaboration with Celestia to implement sequences-as-a-service to scale rollups.

  • Astaria, an NFT collateralized lending market, opened up its repos to the public with access to their full codebase.

  • MYSO Finance announces that their MYSO V1 protocol is officially live on Ethereum mainnet!

Hacks | Vulnerabilities | Exploits:

  • On January 3rd, 2023, GDS lost $187K in a reward manipulation exploit.

  • CoinTelegraph reports that an NFT influencer falls victim to cyberattack, losing $300K+ in assets including a CryptoPunk.

Mainstream Recap:

  • Digital Currency Group, the parent company to crypto broker Genesis and the publication CoinDesk, has shut down its wealth management subsidiary HQ Digital.

  • Gemini publishes a page to provide transparency in the process of finding a resolution for all Earn users to redeem their assets. They are in on-going conversations with Genesis, Digital Currency Group, and others.

  • Coinbase to cut 20% of jobs and abandon several projects to weather the downturn in the crypto market. CEO, Brian Armstrong shared this with employees.

  • Mastercard is launching a spotlight program for emerging musical artists built on the Polygon blockchain to help up-and-coming creators tap into the power of Web3.

  • Forbes reports that Binance is bleeding assets with ~$12B gone in less than 60 days.

  • Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum, shares How Crypto Interacts with Real World Assets.

  • Pratyush Ranjan Tiwari publishes a blog post on the recent progress on verifying ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) signatures privately, using zero-knowledge proofs.

This Week’s Cup of Coffee:

This week, we are headed to Redding, CA for a cup of Milk & Honey Blend from Feast Coffee & Culture. This medium-dark roast is packed with tons of flavor with notes of honey, hints of milk, cacao nibs and more! Perfect for espresso, sip up and enjoy!!


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