The electric motor’s instant hit of torque means that even a normal Born feels plenty sprightly enough, particularly in its more dynamic driving mode, so I’m not sure that I would need to spend the extra £800 or so for an e-Boost version.

The heavier battery of the 77kWh model more than halves the e-Boost’s advantage, too, so the additional performance is barely noticeable unless you happen to come across a 201bhp car at the traffic lights – and even then you will need decent reactions to leave it in your wake.

Where the bigger-battery car really scores – perhaps unsurprisingly – is in its range. My colleague reported seeing estimated 320-plus miles on the dashboard readout, whereas mine is generally pretty exhausted after 200 or so.

Having opted for a 77kWh car will also be a boon when you pull up at a rapid charger, because it permits a useful 125kW input, whereas mine has a self-imposed 100kW limit to avoid frying the batteries.

Is that combination worth the extra £3595? If I were frequently doing longer journeys, perhaps, because sitting around tied to a mains socket when you’ve a deadline to meet is a pain. The majority of the time, however, my Born is trundling around town on shorter runs – be it commuting to work, shuttling my children to their various activities, taking my dogs to the park or, as was the case recently, delivering dozens of parcels.

For that kind of low-speed, stop- start activity, particularly when it’s getting regular top-ups in between, circa 200 miles seems plenty.

A different battery size wouldn’t affect my few gripes with the car, either, which mostly centre around the silly touch-sensitive ‘buttons’ and the intrusive blindspot that presents when you’re trying to pull out of junctions – an inevitable result of those thrust-forward A-pillars. Isn’t it reassuring to know that you’ve made the right decision, rather than an expensive mistake? 

Love it 

Born for the family


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