I’m still finding the driving position wanting for that last bit of adjustment in the steering column and headrest. In order to be close enough to the wheel, I need my seat backrest inclined quite steeply, and that tends to push my head further forwards than I find comfortable.

I’m tall, so I would’ve appreciated a seat cushion extension to support my legs on longer trips too, although some things aren’t expected on £18,000 budget cars. But I don’t see why even a pretty basic driver’s seat design couldn’t be more adjustable than this. To begin with, it didn’t bother me so much, but as time goes on, I’m finding it harder to forgive.

After we got back, normal life resumed for me and the car – which consists of a lot of motorway miles back and forth to jobs and not very much transportation of people in between, which I expect most Joggers would be more likely to do. On the one hand, I guess that’s allowing parts of the car a fairly easy time, with no kids to scuff the mouldings with their feet, to wear out the back seat cushions or to fill the rear storage areas with empty drinks containers, apple cores and crisp dust.

But my camera bags aren’t such a bad substitute for passengers in some ways, belted in the back, where I can more easily access them than I would if they were buried in the boot. The one exception came the other day, when we picked up one of my girlfriend’s friends. She’s not a car lover by any means, but people like that are so often the best judge of cars, because they come with so few preconceptions.

The Jogger made a good first impression on her, suffice to say. She wouldn’t have recognised it, or the Dacia badge on the bonnet, which probably wouldn’t have meant much to her even if she had. But she just hopped in the front and was kind enough to say what a nice, neat car we had, with all the features you would want on one.

The Jogger is a pretty ordinary car when you really get to know it: versatile, of course, and surprisingly likeable and engaging to drive, too – but, with a few exceptions, it’s not the kind of car that tends to win compliments from too many of the motoring journalists that my working life keeps me in touch with.

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