To drive, it’s remarkably Mini-like. That might be an obvious thing to say about a Mini, but the salient point is that I don’t think it loses anything compared with an original one. This one is entirely standard aside from the obvious. It looks stock, the interior is largely unchanged and the suspension is the same too, as the conversion only adds a handful of kilos. There’s even a non-functional choke cable. Like the inoperative temperature gauge, it could undoubtedly be repurposed for the right idea and price.

You start it by turning the key, which makes the battery light come on to tell you the car’s ready to drive. You don’t need to use the clutch to put it in gear, but doing so does make the action slightly smoother. Letting out the clutch completely before moving off does feel weird, but it’s another thing that sets driving this car apart from modern motoring.

I was recommended to set off in second gear, but as the motor controllers aren’t quite as sophisticated as in a modern EV, the car tends to kangaroo a bit. Setting off in first gets rid of that. Electrogenic can fit a different control module that smooths it out, but it’s about £1500 extra.

You could choose to just put it in third gear and be done with shifting, but going through the gears does make a difference in how sprightly the Mini feels and it really adds to the experience. Downshifting is very peculiar, though, as there is no engine to give auditory feedback about where you are in the rev range and how quickly you can release the clutch.

Don’t think, however, that this is a noiseless modern EV. There is a fair bit of whine coming from the motor, making it oddly reminiscent of a original Mini. As the suspension is standard and the conversion has added a minimal amount of extra mass, the EV Mini drives much like a standard Mini.

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