Mike Flewitt, former CEO of McLaren Automotive, has been named as chairman of the Liverpool-based Briggs Automobile Company, better known as BAC, promising to bring his experience of four decades at the top of the car industry to build what its founders say is their company’s “ambitious growth strategy and new model programme”. 

Flewitt says he has known the Briggs brothers for several years, and has been deeply impressed with both the quality of their single-seat BAC Mono R car and the efficiency of their tiny but profitable 40-person business.

Here, he answers questions on his new role, which begins immediately.

You must have had other opportunities after McLaren. Why choose BAC?

“I’m a big fan of the Briggs brothers and I love what they do. Anyone who knows me knows I have a garage full of lightweight cars; BAC’s guiding principles are the same as my own. I tried the Mono R last year and was amazed by its capability, and the sheer focus on the fun of driving.

“I’m especially excited because BAC is based a couple of miles from where I grew up in Liverpool, not far from Ford Halewood where I joined the industry in the 1980s.”

How can you help?

“Neil Briggs is a designer and Ian’s an engineer. I’m neither, but I do have a good deal of industry know-how — experience of how markets work, of distribution, of financial and manufacturing practice. I believe this can be useful, especially in the new expansion phase they’re contemplating.”

What are the details of the expansion? 

“BAC will build steadily. The company makes around 40 cars a year now — at prices up to £250,000 — and it’s profitable, which not many small companies can say. We’ll build steadily as we take the cars into new markets. It’s possible to see us doing 50 cars next year.

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