However, there’s another possible basis for a next-generation R8: the sports car platform Porsche is readying for its upcoming electric Porsche 718 Boxster and Porsche Cayman. Notably, this architecture aims to mimic the current 718 duo’s mid-engined handling characteristics by stacking the batteries vertically behind the seats for a low centre of gravity and optimum weight distribution – and it could serve a similar purpose for an electric successor to today’s mid-engined R8.

The platform of choice also depends on whether Audi Sport wants to persevere with a mid-engined R8 successor to emulate the outgoing model. However, Grams said this is not the philosophy of Audi Sport: “We see every project as its own. Otherwise we wouldn’t be so successful.” 

On the topic of platforms, Grams said: “We have brands around the Volkswagen Group which can be synergised. Despite being on the same platform, E-tron GT is very unique from Taycan.

“If you look at Audi Sport sales, we sold nearly 40,000 cars last year, which shows that our customers are hot on our products. Therefore, we have the freedom needed to make great products. And that means we should be involved in platform development as early as possible.”

Audi Sport has already shown its electric sporting capability with the RS E-tron GT, which sprints from 0-62mph in 3.3sec and delivers 637bhp, as well as having 237 miles of range and rapid charging capability.

A future R8 will need to exceed these figures, as well as having sufficient power and range for track driving, which is likely to mean the inclusion of higher-density batteries in its set-up.

Grams said: “We have already proven that it is possible to generate RS love in an electric model. If you look at the E-tron GT, 60% of sales are RS. “We want to make the car different, like we do in the combustion-engined world. Our customers want to differentiate from other models – in design, bodywork, chassis and performance. With the RS E-tron GT, we are the [electric] forerunner in a field of competitors.”

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