“So far, we still have good news, in that we’re taking more orders than we have production capacity, meaning waiting times are more than a year. But I do see dark clouds: interest rates rising, inflation, raw material prices, energy prices. It’s a global issue that will have an impact of some kind. But our mission is to meet the challenges.”

Given its success, how much does the Urus protect you?

“It definitely gives us more stability. At the time, launching it felt like a real bet, but it has been a huge success and given us the space to invest in a fourth model line. If we hadn’t done it, it wouldn’t have just been our future that would be harder but also our present.”

Is there more room in the market for other SUVs?

“There are limits to what we can do, both in terms of production numbers, which we don’t want to extend too far, and in terms of pricing, which we don’t want to take too low.”

What about more special editions?

“We will continue to make them once in a while but always with an eye not to overload the market. The market is still very buoyant for super-special cars, but we have to explore what’s feasible. The key here is we pre-explore the opportunities, pre-selling to customers who buy into the ideas. If the interest isn’t there, then we don’t have to take a risk.”

When will we see their first EV?


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