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If you own a business, you’ll likely be aware of the many threats you could face. Some of the most common include the competition in your industry, supply chain issues and criminal damage or theft. The latter is a huge cause for concern in the UK with more than one in every four businesses reporting at least one crime against them last year.

Criminal acts against your business can have countless effects too such as a loss of profits and mental health problems for employees. That’s why you should do everything you can to protect your business premises and keep it secure at all times. This should help to deter criminals and help your staff members feel safer whilst they work.

If you need assistance choosing which safety precautions you should take, our guide can help. We’ll talk about the many ways you can add more security to keep your business protected.

CCTV cameras

One of the first additions to your business should be CCTV cameras. These can capture and record the interior and exterior of your business, so should someone steal from you, footage for the police to use can be readily available.

What’s more, CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent for criminals, which may help to prevent theft or vandalism from happening in the first place. You may choose to use the services of an external security team as well who will review the footage at all times.


It may sound silly but keeping your doors locked when you can is a must. Locks keep unwanted guests out and it shouldn’t cost too much to install extra strong ones either. Entrust only managers with keys to the premises to reduce the risk of one employee taking advantage of you.

Secure goods

Shoplifting accounts for more than 50% of all business crimes, so reducing the chances of people stealing from you is imperative. We recommend securing high-value goods using ratchet straps to keep them in place.  If a customer wishes to purchase one of these items, they’ll simply ask your staff members to take the straps off and they can take it to the checkout for them to pay.

Train staff members

You should take time to train all of your staff members to know how to spot signs of suspicious activity. They should know exactly what to do to protect your business such as call the police or secure the building. However, they should be told never to confront criminals as it could put them in danger.

As you can see, the steps you need to take to make your business more secure are minimal but could go a long way in helping you stay afloat and free from danger.

Travis Kade

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