While V2G can help lighten the load on the grid, it can also help you make the most of low-cost renewable energy which can then be used in the home when energy prices and the carbon content of electricity are high. So, V2G has the potential to be good for both the pocket and the environment.

In a recent nationwide trial conducted by British Gas, Electric Nation Vehicle, Western Power Distribution (WPD) and CrowdCharge, a group of 100 participants successfully proved that V2G works on both a technical and cost-saving level, with participants seamlessly providing a nationwide battery resource which both stored green energy and fed electricity back into the grid, on demand, during peak times.

It’s likely that V2G will start to become more widely available from 2025 as more manufacturers release V2G-compatible models, helping more people take the pioneering technology more mainstream.

Hive Honeycomb: an energy connection revolution

Looking even further into our electric future, Hive is readying an exciting series of trials for an all-new, all-encompassing energy product: Hive Honeycomb. Think of it as V2G+ for both homes and businesses, a virtual power plant helping you share energy – and lower your impact on the grid and the planet – on an even broader scale.

The largest virtual power plant in Europe is also the most sophisticated. Hive Honeycomb interconnects your EV charger, batteries, heat pumps, electric heaters and hot water tanks, helping you intelligently conserve and share energy without the extra steps.

Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, the platform automatically optimises your energy usage, unlocking new flexibility in how and when its used, generated and stored. As with V2G, your energy sources (such as home heating systems) become energy storage devices that conserve electricity during off-peak hours and energy distributors during peak times, selling spare electricity back to the grid.

The Hive Honeycomb platform is already optimising over six thousand home devices across the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, providing 24MW of Virtual Power Plant services to grid operators.


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