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This year, Drizly continued their annual Top Shelf Retailer Awards program to celebrate 100 retailers and brands who go above and beyond in 10 unique categories to create moment-making customer experiences. Award winners are based on customer store ratings, reviews, inventory, and order data.

Top Moment Makers Awards

For going above, beyond, and whatever other direction to help their customers savor life moments, Molly’s Spirits won fourth place in the Top Moment Makers category for the Drizly awards out of 10 spots. Grant Kleinwatchter, COO of Molly’s Spirits, says they try to give their customers the best possible experience, and it shows when they are able to build those relationships that end up in repeat customers. 

“We are always humbled when we are selected as one of the best stores in the country,” Kleinwatchter said. “We strive to be a different type of liquor store — one that is more experience and service oriented, and awards like this validate our mission.” 

Kleinwatchter’s tips for small businesses:

There are ever-changing laws and regulations state-by-state when it comes to the alcohol industry. Being extremely proactive and creating contingency plans is very important to set your business up for long-term growth. 

Earning the number one spot on the Top Moment Makers list is Bonnie Brae Liquor. By switching their emphasis on convenience to customer service and hospitality, a number of business tactics have helped them make their way to the top of this awards list, including:

  • Offering fair prices.
  • Constantly trying to be innovative and discover new ways to bring customers in the store.
  • Focusing on the fastest delivery in town combined with the best customer service.
  • Selling a wide range of liquor options.
  • Trying new products in their store to see what customers like.

Bonnie Brae Liquor’s tips for small businesses:

Treat your staff well and train them to be genuine and sincere, and your business will flourish. Maintain consistency, honor fair prices, and always be appreciative of your customers, according to Bruce Gallagher, President and Owner of Bonnie Brae Liquor. 

Tremont Liquor & Wines placed sixth on the list of Top Moment Makers, and for a good reason. This neighborhood liquor store provides competitive pricing and exceptional customer service to their shoppers, whether they are stopping by in person or making a purchase online. With their vast selection of wines and liquors, their customers always seem to find something they can enjoy. 

“We strive as a store to provide timely deliveries and always try to accommodate the customer’s needs,” Soon Kim of Tremont Liquor & Wines, said. “We plan on shipping nationwide and continue to diversify our portfolio to cater to everyone’s needs.” 

Kim’s tips for small businesses:

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs should work hard and be committed to building a bigger and better brand. You should also pay close attention to your inventory and make sure you are always stocked on the items you advertise. In addition, be sure to update your inventory to make sure you carry what is trending. 

The other award categories include Purpose Award, The Always On(line) Award, Long Hauler, In a Jiffy, Gifting Guru, Best Selection: Non-Alcoholic, Best Selection: Beer, Best Selection: Wine, and Best Selection: Liquor. Even if you are not a liquor store, there is certainly something to learn from these businesses who put their best foot forward. Always stay curious and look for new ways to make your brand even better.


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