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by Aaron Smith

Having an online presence is not an option anymore — it is a necessity, and one of the leading online platforms driving sales today is Instagram. By design, Instagram is a video and photo-friendly social media platform, but consumers are now using it as part of their shopping process more than ever before.

What Does “Instagrammable” Mean?

Many businesses struggle to create content for their digital marketing channels, but by making their shops Instagrammable, their customers can do the work for them. Making your brick-and-mortar store “Instagrammable” just means to have a place or some feature that serves as the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photo or video.

This not only keeps your channels active, but also gets customers talking about your brand at no extra cost. Their followers will see their pictures (and how much the poster likes being there) and with that, you are getting free publicity for your shop.

That is why making a shop Instagrammable has monetary value, and why adding this feature to your shop is so crucial. It is also an effective way of boosting a business’s credibility and brand equity. Shoppers are likely to believe product recommendations from their colleagues, peers, and family, so a photo showing your products and a positive remark shared by a customer earns your social proof and enhances your reputation.

Here are some tips on how to make your space truly iconic so your business can start showing up on consumers’ Instagram feeds:

1.  Add an Instagrammable Backdrop

A beautiful backdrop will naturally trigger anyone to stand next to it and take a selfie. Install a unique timepiece, inspiration signage, a brand mural, or unique splashes of color on your walls. A unique wallpaper, brightly colored wall, or a branded hashtag are also perfect for bringing in photogenic shop visitors. If you add your business’ social media handle to the backdrop, every photo taken and shared on Instagram becomes a free advertisement for your shop or brand without the poster even needing to tag you.

2.  Create the Right Lighting

Good lighting goes hand in hand with outstanding photography, which is why you need to make sure your space has consistent, excellent lighting that will make pictures pop. Natural lighting can be unreliable with both passing clouds and the passage of time, so make sure your space will not be affected too much by it. Keep your shop open for natural lighting to come in during morning and evening hours, then rely on your tailored indoor lighting for the rest of the day.

3.  Follow Design Trends

Look around to see what other shops are using to help inspire your Instagrammable area. You need to include eye-catching decor pieces that can compel a customer to take a photo. Common design elements today are neon signs, plant walls, and succulents. Designers are also using light fixtures, creative floor patterns, and unique works of art to boost their store’s aesthetic appeal.

4.  Add Interactive Features

Besides purchasing what they initially came in the store for, customers are also hungry for an exceptional shopping experience. That is why it is helpful to include a few simple activities they can do in your shop. For instance, encourage consumers to take photos in your store by installing a photobooth. Add different props that shoppers can interact with when posing for pictures, such as anything from small stuffed animal mascots to tiny props in a nearby unique desk organizer. Also be sure to include shopper-targeted activities such as product demos, classes, and influencer shows.

5.  Install Strategic Mirrors

These are perfect for visitors to take a photo of themselves while modeling items they have tried on or are thinking about buying. Consider adding your logo or branded hashtags on the glass too. The mirrors can be set up beside product displays, entryways, bathrooms, and fitting areas.

Make Your Store Truly Iconic

Use the above ideas to transform your store into an Instagrammable space. Making your shop selfie-friendly is a win-win investment for both you and your customer, since customers gain an enhanced shopping experience and become your store’s ambassadors, and you get all the free publicity these pictures bring you!

Aaron Smith is an LA-based content strategist and consultant in support of STEM firms and medical practices. He covers industry developments and helps companies connect with clients. In his free time, Aaron enjoys swimming, swing dancing, and sci-fi novels.


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