First, why charge an electric car at home when you can charge on-the-go? After all, the UK’s charging network offers 32,000 charging devices at nearly 20,000 locations, and those numbers are continuing to grow fast. Well, ever heard the phrase ‘time is money’? It all comes down to cost and convenience.

The faster the charger, the more expensive it is to use, with rapid and ultra-rapid charging prices costing considerably more than home energy rates. Then there’s time. First, you’ll have to interrupt your journey or add in an extra stop or diversion to find a charger. If you’re really conscious of cutting costs, you might waste more minutes and miles hunting out the chargers with the cheapest rates. Equally, driving to a charger means you’re actually burning energy (and spending money) to buy more charge. Now you’ve thought about it, it seems ludicrous.

Next, there’s the time to charge. Some modern ultra-rapid chargers can deliver around 60 to 70 miles of range in as little as five minutes with some premium electric cars, but most rapid 50kW chargers will take up to 40 minutes to recharge a typical electric car from 20% to 80% range. Savvy drivers will fit this charging around longer activities such as lunch, shopping or a trip to the gym, but charging conveniently at home is ultimately your cheapest and most convenient option – especially overnight.

Top-up public charging or long-stay destination charging certainly has its part in the charging mix to help you go even further. But it also highlights why home charging – like that offered by Hive EV Charging – is the smarter solution.

According to the RAC Foundation, a typical UK car spends 96% of its time parked up, with 73% of that time spent at home on your driveway. So, ‘refuelling’ an electric car where it actually spends most of its life – at home – saves you time, money and hassle. Simply drive home, park up, plug in, and your car will top up its battery while it’s sitting on your drive.


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