At the rear, the full-width ribbon light is red when the car is moving. It curves into the air outlets from the wheel arches for another similarity to the Emira and Evija. It can also appear orange or green, indicating the battery charge.

“It’s about utilising the technology,” said Payne, “and asking ourselves: ‘Can we make two functions of one light?’” The rear also incorporates a carbonfibre, three-stage deployable, split, roof-mounted spoiler that is intended to evoke race car winglets.

The central part is absent in order to save weight – one of several ways Lotus has sought to promote its trademark emphasis on lightness.

Other examples include putting the charging port on the front wing, which means electricity coming into the car will be as close as possible to where it is required, cutting down on unnecessary internal cabling and the extra weight that this would entail.


Lotus hasn’t traditionally been at the forefront of technology innovations, but it is seeking to change that with the Eletre.

It has placed lidar sensors around the Eletre’s exterior – something now also adopted by the recently revealed Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3 – which enables it to offer level-four self-driving capability where this is allowed (namely China, which is ahead of the West on vehicle autonomy use).

The hidden sensors emerge from the top of the windscreen and wheel arches when wanted. (The rear sensor is fixed.)

Meanwhile, each door mirror is replaced by Lotus’s new Electric Reverse Mirror Display, which houses three cameras – one for the internal rear-view ‘mirror’, one to contribute to a 360deg view of the car and one as part of the intelligent driving technologies.

This step-change continues inside the Eletre with the firm’s new Lotus Hyper OS operating system. Lotus claims the digital cockpit and infotainment system, using tech from gaming firm Unreal Engine, sets “new standards in the automotive world”.


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