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When asking you what you love most about your cars, we learnt a lot about your charging habits, and it turns out that living with a MINI Electric is the easiest way to understand how simple it is to stay topped up. “I tend to plug it in every time I get home, but I don’t really have to,” says Stephen PJ.

And Stephen is right. A convenient top-up overnight is a great way to stay in the green, but it isn’t strictly always necessary. With the average UK journey between 10-20 miles per day, the MINI Electric’s 143-mile range (WLTP) is easily enough to keep you running a week or more without plugging in.

While most MINI Electric owners will use home charging, some will go that extra mile to ensure they’re making the most of cleaner, greener energy. Liz R offered this useful piece of advice to those seeking alternative ways to top-up on your driveway: “Charging at home on a sunny day using solar panels makes perfect sense for me. It may not be easy for everyone but get one and you soon work out how best to charge it. There are plenty of options.”

When you do venture further afield, charging on the fly couldn’t be quicker (and simpler). As the MINI Electric has a compact 32kWh battery, it not only lends itself to better weight distribution and greater performance, it also helps to significantly reduce the time you’ll need to spend at public chargers, with 0-80% top-ups taking as little as 36 minutes.

That means less time charging and more time spent having fun enroute to your next destination. “The beauty of a MINI Electric is that by the time you have bought a coffee to go it’s fully charged and away you go. It’s fabulous,” says Robert W. Win, win.

So, whether you’re a cross-country tourer or a city slicker, a home charging champion or an on-the-go top-upper, it’s clear from your comments that the MINI Electric can go the distance, and keep a smile on your face from start to finish.

*The MINI Electric has an official range of up to 143 miles WLTP. Mileage may vary depending on conditions and load.


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