The car’s VIC, 5G connectivity, microphones and cameras (three inboard-facing, two outboard) enable it to function as a mobile workspace; as a hub for capturing, editing and uploading content; or as a platform for video games that employ AR or VR. In the last case, the gameplay can move in sync with the movement of the vehicle, which is said to eliminate the nausea sometimes associated with VR.

Indi is developing its own games for passengers to play as well as opening the system up to third-party developers.

Despite the focus on infotainment, the four-wheel-drive Indi One is no slouch, accelerating from rest to 60mph in a claimed 4.2sec for the premium model, which has 470bhp and a top speed of 130mph.

The air-suspended chassis is one of many areas of the car where Indi has tapped into the expertise of external consultants and suppliers, such as Tata and seating specialist Faurecia.

Q&A – Andre Hudson, head of design, Indi EV

Former GM and Hyundai designer Andre Hudson joined Indi EV three years ago and has overseen the design of the Indi One

What was the inspiration for the Indi One’s styling?“Aesthetically, it was about it trying to feel like a piece of digital hardware. A lot of EVs have gone in a very luxurious, sculptural direction. But on this car, [the styling] is a little bit cleaner, and sheer and simple. Details like the lighting and Indi logo feel like an extension of that computer circuit at its heart.”

How have you managed the engineering work?“We have a small core team in Los Angeles. Heads of development in each area have been working with engineering partners globally in areas like chassis design, lighting systems and body structure. We developed the battery modules and pack in-house under Tom Gage, who was involved at the start of Tesla.”

Indi EV wants to get from foundation to production in six years. Is that only possible with an EV?“The beauty of an EV is that you can bring a lot of the components off the shelf. Items for the suspension, or the electric drive units (EDUs), are huge parts of the development, but you can buy components already validated and tested.”


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