Villain did acknowledge that the shift to electric power provides an opportunity to attract new customers, and so some cues will be taken from the Alpenglow – most likely its LMP1-style steering wheel (in toned down form) and various styling lines, not to mention the changes that come with new-generation infotainment hardware and EV-specific packaging requirements.

“I think it is possible to stay true to the DNA”, Villain said, though he was quick to confirm that Alpine will not seek to replicate the sound of an internal combustion engine for its EVs.

With the switch to EV for the third incarantion of the fan-favourite sports coupé, it faces competition from Lotus, Porsche and Toyota.

By the time the 2026 A110 arrives, Alpine’s line-up will also include an electric crossover and an electric hot hatchback.

With those more volume-friendly electric crossover and hot hatchback models arriving alongside, it will be crucial to Alpine increasing its global footprint, company CEO Laurent Rossi is adamant that the A110 will continue to play a core role as a halo car and as an embodiment of the brand’s sporting credentials.

“Alpine is going to be sports cars, no matter what. That’s the central value proposition,” said Rossi. “It’s ‘born from racing, made by racers for racers at heart’. You need to have at least one sports car to justify that, otherwise it’s a false claim. There will always be at least one sports car, and that’s like an undertone.”

Rossi suggested that the new car could be a near-bespoke proposition, far removed technically from the Renault-based Alpine GT X-Over crossover and Alpine 5 hot hatchback alongside which it will be sold.

“We hope to preserve the A110 DNA, and it might be quite different from the rest of the cars, despite platform-sharing,” said Rossi. “There’s nothing more similar than two electric cars nowadays: same platforms, same electric power, distributed to all wheels if you’re lucky, and it’s pretty much a matter of fine-tuning the output of the motors.


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