I mean, it didn’t say exactly that 67bhp was ready to arrive. It said that a software update was ready to download (of which I knew the power rise was a part) and that I should pick a moment when I could leave the car locked and not in use while an over- air update came down. It included a few bug fixes and other things too.

I left it overnight to do its thing. On getting back in, I was rather hoping it would be accompanied by a loud fanfare and maybe some balloons floating up the touchscreen, like social media sites show on your birthday. Alas, no. There was a green tick. Well done, you; you let some new software come down.

To Dual Motor cars like this it gives “a power boost at higher speeds”, according to Polestar’s bumf. 

It’s said to cut the 0-62mph acceleration time from 4.7 to 4.4sec. But perhaps more important is that the 50-75mph time is claimed to have been cut by 0.5sec to 2.2sec. That’s actually quite a sizable difference.

Given an electric motor makes its peak torque from rest, how much would I notice a 3% torque increase? Answer: not a huge amount from rest, but at the higher speeds where the Polestar has felt a bit stickier, the power increase is more notable.

The throttle map is adjusted too, though, and I wonder whether most of the work of the power increase could have been emulated by freeing up throttle response at higher speeds.

Either way, it seems expensive for what is basically already there – and how often are you at full throttle from 50-75mph anyway?

Customers who do buy the upgrade also get something physical, though. There’s a new badge for the front grille and new stickers for the doors. Or you could leave them off, in the sort of equivalent of having 520d badges on a BMW M5. Only not really.

Anyway, Polestar life is otherwise very straightforward, apart from a tyre-pressure warning. I checked the tyre, but there was nothing visibly wrong, and then checked the pressure. It was a couple of PSI short, but after I topped it back up, it has stayed steady.


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