Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath has said the firm has no plans to launch a car smaller than the Polestar 2 in the future, stating that the goal is to focus on a select, rounded portfolio.

The Sino-Swedish firm launched the 510bhp, £85,500 Polestar 3 large SUV earlier this week, which follows the 2 saloon. It has also confirmed plans for its next three models: the 4 will be a smaller SUV that sits between the 2 and 3; the 5 will be a Porsche Taycan-rivalling grand tourer; and the 6 will be a 2+2 convertible.

The 3 is based on the new SPA2 platform that is shared with the forthcoming Volvo EX90, allowing the two sibling companies to share manufacturing and production costs. Volvo is working on a small SUV that will be positioned below the XC40 and use the new SEA platform, but Ingenlath suggested Polestar has no plans to follow suit.

But asked by Autocar about whether Polestar will develop a small car in the future, Ingenlath said: “We have no plans for the moment to cater for a smaller car than Polestar 2 as it is, and in the future of course we want to keep such a position in our portfolio. But today we don’t see that we will extend into a smaller car segment, as much as the temptation is to design a smaller Polestar. It’s about focus.”

The 6 is due in 2026 and Ingenlath said it will “complete” the firm’s current portfolio. He added: “Adding the Polestar 6 is the final touch to getting a complete portfolio together, because that type of brand driver model and the luxury of having a 2+2 seater in our portfolio really made that product off the ground.

“The two SUVs we will have, the two fastbacks and then the 6 roadster – by 2026 we’ll have achieved within a very short time a very rounded portfolio to carry the brand. Doing much more – or any more – than that would be a distraction. It’s not the idea to explore each and every corner [of the market] and look at what else we could imagine doing, but to have that clear dedication to say ‘hey, that’s a family’, and we see that developing nicely.”

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