He added that an electric roadster is “a great missed opportunity, and I would love to grab that opportunity”, and that drivers would not miss the noise of a combustion engine: “The propulsion of an electric drivetrain is great for a sports car. And then to do it when an open roof concept, when everybody dreams about ‘the fresh air, the breeze, being closer to nature’ – it’s a perfect fit to have that with an electric drivetrain, and not only have fresh air when you arrive at it, but you’ll leave it for the people behind you. 

“Electric propulsion is absolutely a perfect fit for a roadster, so I would love to put an exclamation mark that the future of driving an open roadster has to be electric.”

Polestar has yet to release full technical details of the O2, but the car will use the performance powertrain that appeared in the Precept and will enter production in the 5.

The O2, which features a fixed retracting roof, is substantially shorter than the 5, at around 4600mm long, with the wheelbase shrunk by around 400mm. This has been enabled by removing the ‘foot garage’ – a well in the skateboard chassis floor of the 5 to increase rear leg room – from the platform. Polestar claims this will allow the model to maintain huge rigidity, ensuring it offers strong handling and dynamics.

The concept sits on 22in wheels and features aerodynamically sculpted bodywork that is designed to maximise range by improving airflow and reducing turbulence behind the vehicle.

The O2 has also been created with a focus on sustainability in terms of design and materials, notably with a new thermoplastic mono-material used as the base for various components, and the use of recycled polyester for all the soft interior materials. Polestar says the machine makes use of recycled materials where possible, including in the aluminium shells.


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