Lots of miles in a Kia EV6 today. It’s nearly everyone’s current Car of the Year choice, and its performance, range, space, design and quality make such judgements easy to justify. If I were on the cusp of an EV purchase, the EV6 would be hard to resist. But what has bothered me occasionally – perhaps because of last week’s Porsche Taycan experience – has been its rather clinical demeanour. I’m willing to believe that EV range is declining as an issue and infrastructure is improving fast, but EVs that generate gotta-have-one feelings are still in short supply


Is it my imagination, or are the cuts inducing people to drive more slowly on motorways? Even at an indicated 75mph (my habitual cruise, which Waze identifies as 72mph true), I seem to pass more people than I used to. And outside-lane Audi jockeys who get furious if you impede their 95mph progress seem to be in rapid decline. It’s no problem, I suppose, although it does lead to bunching by groups of drivers who’ve chosen cruise-controlled speeds just a couple of MPH apart. I’ve taken to slowing or speeding up just to avoid crowds.


What’s your vehicle of choice for a day’s carefree driving? Some say it’s an open-topped car on a balmy day, but today’s experience suggests something older, taller and whiter. With two friends, I took a day off to shift a couple of old motorbikes to a new home near Birmingham, an errand that entailed a 160-mile return journey in a borrowed and pleasantly battered seven-year old Citroën Relay van.

For many, vans are irredeemably slow and cumbersome. But for all its 110,000 miles, this Citroën had terrific steering, a decent (well-used) gearchange, plenty of torque, great brakes and a super driving position. It even rode well. Best of all, the visibility was panoramic, the across-cabin seating was perfect for three like-minded idiots chatting the journey away and the whole machine had simplicity and durability baked right in. One of us had just paid £4500 to own it, a small price for such pleasure and convenience.


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