Synthetic data technology startup Synthesis AI Inc. said today it’s updating its platform with a couple of interesting add-ons that will make it possible to programmatically create vast amounts of perfectly labeled human image data in double-quick time.

Synthesis AI is a pioneer in the synthetic data space, offering a platform for creating information that’s generated artificially using algorithms. Synthetic data is often used as a substitute for test datasets of new products and tools, as well as artificial intelligence training.

The company’s new products include Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios. the company says they work by combining generative AI with cinematic computer generated imagery. They’re an extension of its existing platform, aimed at making the creation and implementation of synthetic image data more seamless than was previously possible.

As the name suggests, Synthesis Humans is all about synthesizing images of humans. With it, teams can create highly sophisticated human images with over 100,000 unique identifiers. They also have the ability to modify dozens of attributes, such as emotion, body types, clothing and motion. Once the images have been created, developers can automate the labeling process through an intuitive user interface, the company said.

As for Synthesis Scenarios, it allows for fine control of complex, multi-human simulations across numerous kinds of environments we might expect to find in the real world.

The company said these new capabilities in its platform make it possible to create comprehensive synthetic datasets for a wide range of applications. Because Synthesis Humans is able to create thousands of diverse synthetic images of humans, the platform is ideal for training identity verification models that can be used to facilitate online banking, smartphone security and other use cases.

Synthesis AI’s datasets can also be used to develop avatars for the metaverse and virtual worlds. The creation of realistic-looking avatars requires vast amounts of diverse, labeled data that can be generated quickly using the Synthesis platform. In addition, the datasets can be used to power the likes of AI fitness applications, computer vision systems for passenger and driver monitoring, teleconferencing apps and visual effects.

“Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios are a natural evolution in our synthetic data roadmap,” said Synthesis AI founder and Chief Executive Yashar Behzadi. “Synthetic data powered by generative AI is now recognized as a more efficient paradigm for building computer vision AI. Our new products will enable the development of more sophisticated multi-human AI models essential for emerging applications.”

Image: Synthesis AI

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