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Retailers everywhere are looking at wholesale toy trends with positivity and hope. Experts are predicting the supply chain will begin to normalize, and we remain optimistic that the other challenges businesses have faced over the past few years will also begin to dissipate. 

As retailers continue to prepare for the year ahead, Wholesale Central Blog has rounded up some of the hottest toy trends that are predicted to take the industry by storm. 

Retro Toys Making a Comeback

Composed of international experts, trend scouts, market researchers, and journalists with years of experience, the Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee identified one of the biggest wholesale toy trends to come out of 2023 is expected to be old-timey fan favorites. The old t-shirts with Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, My Little Pony, or Heman that are beloved by generations and passed down for all to enjoy is inspiring toy makers to bring back the classics. Toys in this retro genre include action figures, rubix cubes, and cars. 

Featured Toy:

Retro Toys Uno Mickey Mouse Playing Cards

These Uno Mickey Mouse Playing Cards feature the classic art style from the old cartoons. A perfect addition to game sections at any store, this game is beloved by all ages and can make any family game night feel special. 

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With the Metaverse taking the internet by storm, the Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee also identified MetaToys as a popular trend for 2023. The Metaverse is the future of the internet, where consumers can socialize, work, play, and create and is composed of blockchain, VR/AR technology, associated hardware, NFTs, virtual worlds, robotics, and artificial intelligence. The toy industry has also recognized this trend and is using these technologies to bring products to life in the digital world, such as with games and VR headsets. 

Featured Toy:

MetaToys Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Series Plush

Now even stuffed animals are joining in on the VR fun, and this Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Series Plush is perfect for technology-driven children who also happen to enjoy the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. Great for all ages, children can get cuddly with this character to help keep the monsters and nightmares away. 

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Cooking Toys Help Children Practice Skills Early

According to Gifts & Decorative Accessories, families spending more time cooking and eating at home have helped cultivate a foodie following. Every adult remembers the play kitchen with all of the plastic foods sitting in their toy room, and new generations still love the idea of creating their own recipes, whether they be delicious or not-so appetizing. Some wholesale toys to stock up on in this genre include play kitchens and a slew of new kid-sized cooking gadgets, such as cookie and frosting baking sets or sandwich cutters. 

Featured Toy:

Cooking Toys Fast Food & Dessert Toy Set

Perfect for any child looking to cultivate some cooking skills, this Fast Food & Dessert Toy Set has everything a kid needs to whip up some delicious plastic goodness. It even contains pieces that can be built together to create a hearty sandwich. 

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Toys to Fuel Discovery

Yet another toy trend that the Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee identified is products that fuel discovery. Here, everything ultimately revolves around the opening up of new worlds and themes. Other countries, cultures and languages, the wonder of nature or unknown galaxies — once the spirit of discovery is awakened, the answers to all the hows, whys, and wherefores are there to be found. The products in this trend bring about a curiosity for the unknown and encourage children to research new worlds. 

Featured Toy:

Discovery Mega Fossil Dig Kit

This Mega Fossil Dig Kit is perfect for children looking to explore and learn while having fun at the same time. Kids can discover dinosaur bones, shark teeth, brachiopods, ammonites, and so much more. Everyone can follow along with the beautifully illustrated 20-page booklet describing each fossil. 

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Toy Sensory Sensations

Gifts & Decorative Accessories notes that another big toy trend for 2023 will be knick knacks that provide a feel-good component — be it smell, sight, taste, or touch. More children are enjoying toys that tap into any of the five senses that help create a heightened play experience. Products in this genre include putty, puzzles, and scented markers. 

Featured Toy:

Sensory toy strawberry and vanilla scented putty

Crazy Aarons offers a variety of different fun and playful sensory products. This strawberry and vanilla scented putty will have consumers of all ages occupied for hours. Crazy Aaron’s new SCENTsory™ putty goes way beyond scent to invoke a total sensory experience like no other. It has a velvety soft touch, dynamic look, and a wonderful scent.

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Keep these wholesale toy trends with you as you begin to restock your stores for next year. Having trouble finding some of the toys in these categories? Check out www.WholesaleCentral.com and shop from thousands of merchandise that are ready-to-be-shipped today.

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