The piece de resistance? That would be two pairs of tartan trim socks, one with a design matching the original Nova fabric, the other from the new Anniversary Edition.

Leaving aside the hosiery, the special features give the Corsa-e Anniversary Edition a slight hot hatch charm that chimes with early Nova models. That said, at £31,000 – £700 more than regular Corsa-e SE models, but still £910 cheaper than top-spec Ultimate cars – it’s unlikely to be the preserve of many first-time car buyers in the same way as the original Nova was.

More significant are the latest powertrain updates, which apply to the whole Corsa-e range for the 2022 model year. The essentials don’t change: the electric supermini still uses a 50kWh (gross) battery and 134bhp motor. But there’s a new final drive ratio for the motor, which means it spins less when running in top gear. There’s also a new heat pump, which the firm says is more efficient.

The net result is that the Corsa-e’s official range has been lifted from 209 to 222 miles – and our outings showed that surpassing 200 miles in the real world is entirely possible. While it’s perhaps a psychological barrier as much as anything, it’s a useful whack of extra range that is very welcome.

What hasn’t changed is the Corsa-e’s pleasingly swift acceleration and slight dynamic feel. It won’t be mistaken for a classic Corsa VXR and some other EVs remain better to drive, but there’s a dash of character that makes this a fun, ideal city car.


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