“I really like the front grille, and the headlights help make it look really strong”, says Rafael. “I have an ‘over-the-shoulder’ test I do with all my cars – if I feel the need to look back at the car when walking away from it, then it’s good looking! I definitely looked back at the front of the Vitara more than once. I like the colour, too. It’s different in the sea of black, white, and grey.”

The Suzuki Vitara also offers a high-rise SUV driving position which, mixed with compact urban-friendly dimensions, makes manoeuvring around town a breeze. “My wife wants a taller car and the Suzuki Vitara does sit slightly higher than most cars,” says Rafael. “It offers better visibility – it gives the feeling of driving above the traffic.”

At just 4175mm long and 1775mm wide, tight spaces aren’t an issue in the Suzuki Vitara either: “It’s a comfortable size,” says Rafael. “I’ve driven it in plenty of tight situations this week, and it’s very easy to gauge the proportions of the car and fit into tight spaces.”

Great equipment for all the family

Inside, the Suzuki Vitara offers a wealth of advanced infotainment technology mixed with heaps of comfort. In front of the driver, a high-definition 4.2in colour LCD screen displays important vehicle information – including torque output, regenerative braking, fuel consumption, and even a G-force tracker for a bit of fun.

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