The Sun-Burnt Johnย 

Well, yellow isnโ€™t a bad color in general, but think about replacing it if your well cover looks like John. Cheap, big-box store covers are not made with UV protection in mind. Therefore, in a year or less, they tend to turn brittle and yellow. Basically, they also suffer sunburn.

Also, having a hole in the middle of this top cheap plastic molded cover does not meet the idea of covering anything at all. We bet the owners of this home are truly happy when it rains directly in their basement.ย 

The Solution

Atrium dome cover โ€“ a real crowd-pleaser among our cover designs. This aristocratic type of cover offers it all:

  • Space for crank-out windows to open.
  • Optional mesh sides for non-stop ventilation.
  • UV-Treated polycarbonate, so your cover will never chip, break or turn yellow.
  • Custom sizes, so even the weirdest well remains covered.
  • Stability โ€“ they can withstand 150 lbs of weight!

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